Doom Connector FAQ




Doom Connector - Frequently Asked Questions


• Why can't I login with my account anymore?

Accounts are removed if they have not been used for 30 days. This keeps the services clean and ensures it holds only the accounts of people that really come back to play games online. The names of the removed accounts are "released", so if you lost your account you can just click the Create Account button on the Login dialog to make yours again.

• How do I change my username and keep the same account?

You can keep your account and changes all profile info, username and password in the Modify Account dialog. You can get there by selecting Modify Account from the Connector menu.

• Why does my firewall alert me when using Doom Connector?

Doom Connector uses the ICMP protocol to measure pings between you and everyone else that you see in the list at the left. The ping is important for the gameplay (lower ping is better). Every few seconds Doom Connector quickly sends an ICMP ping to all the people on the userslist and measures the time it takes for the other computer to respond. Your computer is receiving pings from other people as well. This is what your firewall is reporting to you. ICMP signals are completely harmless, so there is no security risk in allowing your computer to respond to these ICMP signals. If you choose to block the signals, other people on Doom Connector will not see what ping they have to you.

View your firewall's manual for information on how to configure your firewall correctly.

• What ports do I have to open on my firewall to play online?

Doom Connector uses TCP port 5266 for File Transers. To play games online, you must open the ports that the games use. View the list of supported games and the ports for them that need forwarded on your router if you would like to host games for others to join.


•What do the red messages in the chat mean?

When a game in a room is set up by its moderator, the required files are being verified on your computer. You must have the required files and you must have the same files. These warning messages will then tell you if you are ready or if you are missing something.


You do not have the engine support used for this game.
If you ever get this message, it means that someone is using support which you dont have on your Doom Connector. If you think you should have it, first try closing Doom Connector and restarting it to see if you get the new support with an update. Otherwise, the one who set up this game is using custom support which has not been approved by the Doom Connector developers. Do not accept custom support (DLL files) from sources you dont trust!

You are missing these files for this game: ...
The files mentioned in this warning message could not be found on your computer. You either dont have them, or Doom Connector couldnt find them. If you are sure you DO have those files, go to Custom Files locations in the Support menu and add the location(s) where your file(s) reside. If you really do not have those files, check the Room Settings for a URL to download them from, ask the moderator to send them to you or type /getall to automatically download the required files using GetWAD.

These files are invalid for this game: ...
Doom Connector has found the required files for the game, though, they appear to be different from the moderator's files. You must have the same files to be able to play, so check the Room Settings for a URL to download them from, ask the moderator to send them to you or type /getall to automatically download the required files using GetWAD. NOTE: This warning may also appear when you have different files with the same filename in any of your Custom Files locations.

This engine does not support in-game joining
Pretty much self-explanatory. The game you are trying to join cannot let players join afterwards. You had to be marked Ready to Play or Moderate when the moderator launched the game. Now you'll just have to wait for the players to return from the game.

All files are OK for this game
This indicates that all files have been verified and you are ready to play this game. Have fun!